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How to setup webmail / Email Account or Server Settings For iPhone

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Technical Support For Setting Up Cox.Net Email Account

Cox email setting support phone number USA offers its customers with great cox email / webmail support service and is used as an efficient manner for private and professional communication by millions of users. It's been regarded as a good idea to set up email on iPhone because it enables you to carry your messages wherever you go. You can obtain all of your messages on your iPhone and you can also send them via your iPhone. Adding a email account into your iPhone is quite an easy task. You can easily configure the email account on your iPhone by making some changes in your mail application. The steps for setting up email on iPhone are detailed in this article. Continue reading this article to get the full information.

Things to consider while adding email while

setting in your iPhone

Before you begin with how to setup Cox email on iPhone, the following things you required.

For effective cox email setting of, you need a stable internet connection.

It is also very essential to understand the right parameters for setting up Cox email on iPhone and cox smtp server. The same can be found in the table below

Complete cox sign in process by email address and your mail account's with recent password.

Specifications for the cox email not sending from iPhone

By Adding Cox Email to iPhone requires the following configurations.

Cox POP Settings / IMAP


Incoming server

Incoming port


SSL (security) incoming


Outgoing server

Outgoing port


Requires sign-in


Steps for setting up Cox. net email on iPhone

The easy steps you can use to set up email on your iPhone or contact cox webmail support phone number for detailed information. Webmail support service can help you get effectively connect your webmail account to your iPhone, Or you can follow these steps precisely as described.

Note : Skipping any of these steps will not enable successful completion of the setup

Open the settings of your iPhone.

From Settings select "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" In the latest version of iOS the same will show as "Passwords & Accounts".

Now, click on "Add webmail or your email account" option and provide the following details correctly:


  • Name : Your webmail / email account name.

  • Email : Full webmail / email address including the domain name.

  • Password : Password of your cox webmail / email account.

Description : Enter "Cox" in this field.

In the next step, select pop3 under the incoming mail server and enter the following details.


  • Hostname :

  • Username : Enter the username of your Cox webmail / email account.

  • Password : Enter the password of your Cox webmail / email account.

Then, Scroll down into outgoing mail sever, give the following information.

  • Hostname :

  • Username : Enter the username of your Cox webmail / email account.

  • Password : Enter the password of your Cox webmail / email account.

After given all the above details correctly, Then save. Before save cross-check all the details given are correct if you put wrong information then it will show the error when you click save button.

On the next screen select your webmail / email address.

Select SMTP under outgoing mail server option.

On main server select and click on and check the following info displayed.

  • SSL : None
  • Serverport : 25

Click on “Done” after done goto the previous screen.

Click on the "Advanced" button and check that the following information is displayed.

  • SSL : None

  • Serverport :

Return to the prior screen and restart your iPhone to finish the installation process.

After restarting your iPhone, the configuration modifications are expressed and with your phone, you can now use your webmail / email.

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Cox Email Server Settings For iPhone

It's easy for iPhone users who want to set up Cox email on their iPhone. Installing the Cox email on the iPhone makes it easy to access emails. There are times when users wrongly add their Cox account to iPhone leading to issues sending and receiving. With the help of cox email settings, Where the issue is not just about sending and receiving email issues, but also about giving birth to other email issues. Thus, iPhone users need to correctly link Cox email to their iPhone.

Settings needed to add Cox services to your iPhone account

A small change in iPhone's Cox email server settings can lead to significant email access problems. For both POP and IMAP servers, the setup can be done. You can, therefore, select any of the incoming servers according to your wishes. This article will guide you on how to readily set up Cox email on your apple phone, and suggest you to get cox email setting support phone number

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The main server setting up cox email on iPhone are given below. Make sure the values are set according to the table data.



Incoming server or

Incoming port


Outgoing server

Outgoing port


SSL required


Authentication needed


Still Finding Difficulty With The Setup, You Can Contact With Cox Webmail / Email Setting support phone number

Important considerations

Before you begin setting up the Cox Webmail / email server for iPhone, here are some important points to remember.

  • Connectivity to the Internet: Make sure your iPhone is linked to the Internet. Check the wifi or mobile network appropriately and make sure the iPhone gets a stable internet speed.

  • Username and password: If you are configuring the Cox email configuration for iPhone, you must have the Cox email username and password.

  • Device restart: Don't forget to restart your iPhone after the iPhone's cox net server settings have been completed. Your phone will, therefore, create the necessary adjustments.

Keep a backup: Keep an email backup every time you think about adding the cox email to your mobile. This will prevent any chance of losing emails. Although the settings will not create any major changes, you should hold the necessary backup as a security precaution.


You can chat with the cox webmail support link / phone number given below

Setup For Cox Webmail on iPhone

You can conduct the Cox webmail server setting/ email configuration on the iPhone in two forms. First, you do not need to make any adjustments to the server environments through the automatic setup. Second is the handbook, which requires you to manually create adjustments to the server environments. If the automatic settings are not working well for you, you can choose Cox email's manual server configurations. The method for both the configuration type is described below.

Automatic Configuration

Here's how you can automatically set up the Cox email on your iPhone.

Click the “settings” tab on your iPhone or iPad.

On settings Click on the “accounts & passwords” option.

Then click on the “add account” button to add your Cox email account.

There is an option for the emails. select the “other” option there.

Click the “add email account” button.

You will come to the new account settings where you need to enter the following information

  • Name : Enter your username of Cox email account

  • Cox Email Address : Enter your cox email address according they ask.

  • Password : Provide the password of the Cox email.

  • Description : You may write “how To setup Cox email on iPhone” in the description box.

Once you are done entering the information, you are required to click on the “next” button.

Click the “save” option to save the changes. Your iPhone will not automatically configure the Cox email account.

Manual Configuration

Here's how you can automatically set up the Cox email on your iPhone.

Go to your iPhone's home screen "settings" app.

Tap the option "records and password" followed by the button "Add an account."

Choose the "other" choice to add an iPhone or iPad Cox email account.

You must provide the following data in the "fresh account" screen.

  • Name : Provide your username as the first portion of your email

address, excluding the portion of @ .

  • Cox email address : enter the Cox email account password

  • Password : type in the specified field the Cox email password.

  • Description : Provide a brief description of your activity. You can also skip

this step.

Your device will check the account and set IMAP server settings automatically.

Tap the button "next" and then tap "save."

Go to the screen "accounts & passwords" and finish the steps below.

  • Enter the user name of the new Cox email account.

  • Enter the address of the new Cox email account.

Now update the data as needed under the incoming Webmail server environments

  • Hostname/entry server : or

  • User name : Enter the first portion of your Cox Email address

without the address.

  • Port number : Set the incoming email server port number to 110.

  • Password : Provide your Cox email account's password.

Go to the settings for the "outgoing mail server" and tap the option "SMTP."

Update the SMTP display data below.

  • Hostname/ outgoing server : Set it to

  • Port number : Set the outgoing port number to 25.

  • User name : Enter your username without

  • Password : Enter the password in the relevant field.

Press the "Done" button when the setup is completed.

You have now configured iPhone's Cox email server settings effectively. You can now access messages stored in your Cox account very readily using your iPhone. But make sure that the unit is restarted so that the settings can be set correctly.

You can do all things manually after applying this troubleshooting for your Cox Email Sign In Support Phone Number

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