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Solve Problems By Reading / Retrieving AOL Mail

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If you have trouble reading and retrieving your AOL Mail, a few things might cause it. With a few fast troubleshooting steps, most of the problems can be solved

Use AOL Basic Mail

AOL Basic Mail to help see your messages in an easier design. This can often assist if you have trouble getting mail at a slower pace of connection.

Reset your configurations

Add paragraph text here.Sometimes you can change your web configurations by installing various browsers. Without altering the setting of all web browsers on your desktop you can reset your particular internet settings.

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Disable POP-UP Blocking

Add paragraph text here.If you block pop-ups in your browser, it can cause issues when you access AOL Mail, particularly if you have your mail set to open in a pop-up window when you write a fresh email. You will either have to disable pop-up blockers on your browser or in your AOL Mail compose environments disable the pop-up window.

Use Protected Browser

For your knowledge, Internet Explorer still works with AOL products but no longer supported by Microsoft and unable to update. Due to this, we recommended you to use a supported browser for a reliable and secure experience.

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Clear your browser’s cache

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored in your browser so that websites can be loaded faster. While this generally makes accessing sites quicker, this stored information may cause loading mistakes in some locations. Clear the cache or your browser to reset your browser and wipe out all the small unwanted info parts that have been stored to make it run better overall.

Temporarily Disable Your Firewall

Sometimes a firewall or other security antivirus software may be preventing you from connecting with AOL. You may be prevented from linking to AOL by your firewall or other safety software. Disable your firewall temporarily and check if you can connect to the internet or not. You will need to connect your firewall software provider for extra information if your firewall software is not on the linked list.

Disable protected mode in internet explorer

By default, the Protected mode can interface with AOL Mail. If you still have difficulty accessing mail, switch off Protected Mode.

1. Click Tools.

2. Click Internet Options.

3. Click the Security tab.

4. Deselect “Enable Protected Mode.”

5. Reboot Internet Explorer and reconnect to AOL Mail again.

You can do all things manually after applying this troubleshooting for your AOL mail problem.

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